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New arrivals this Sunday in our Carefully Selected Collection
New arrivals this Sunday in our Carefully Selected Collection

How do I sell my items?

First of all you will need to create an account:
  1. Locate and select the SELL YOUR ITEMS button in the main menu.

  2. Click JOINT NOW (If you are in the French version, please change the language at the bottom left of the screen.)

  3. The signup form will appear. Please follow the directions by entering the required information.

  4. Update your profile information in the section My Account by entering your address, city, country and zip code. This information will be used to create your shipping labels when one of your products is sold.

  5. Enable the shipping delivery with Canada Post by going to the section Configuration > Shipping Configuration.

  6. Upload a photo on your seller profile - Optional.

Once you’ve signed up to sell on Mimi Vintage Market, there is one last step you need to complete to start selling items.


Go to the Orders listing & get the option Stripe Connect Config.

Stripe Payments is a payment processing platform. This allows you to receive your payments following the sale of your products directly into your bank account. 


After visiting this section click on “Add account to stripe”.

If you already have an account, you just have to click on the top right link to connect it with Mimi Vintage Market.

If you don't have a Stripe account, create one. It will automatically connect to the platform.

Your Stripe account will give all the payment information and the days when the money will be deposited into your bank account


 In order to add items, you need to visit the Products section.

Go to the Product listing & get the option to Add Products.

By clicking on the Add Product button, the product form will appear. Now enter the details in the given fields of the product form.

Recommendations to list of your product:

  • Product name : Start with the brand name.
  • Product type: What type of product is it (blouse, shirt, sweater, coat, etc.).
  • Description: You just have to copy paste our description and put your information.

    Size / Taille : XL
    Colour / Couleur : White
    Materials / Matériaux : 67% lyocell 13% cotton
    Condition / État : Excellent

  • Shipping: Weight your product using a scale if possible. If this is not possible use our table to put an approximate weight.

    Small weight


    Medium weight

    between 0.350kg to 0.500kg

    Large weight

    0.500kg and more

    - T-shirt / tank top
    - Shorts / skirt
    - Jersey
    - Hat / accessories / jewelry
    - Summer dress
    - Shirt
    - Children's / baby clothes
    - Sportswear (like canvas)
    - Winter clothing / accessories (hat, mitt, gloves, light scarf)
    - Tote bag
    - Hoodie
    - Wool jacket / sweater / cardigan
    - Winter dress, thicker
    - Leggings / pants / joggers
    - Winter clothing / accessories (thick wool scarf)
    - Coat
    - Boots
    - Handbag
    - Jeans
    - Tableware (heavy with packaging: large vase, plate, candlestick, plant pot)

    Shipping Method : Always choose Canada Post.

  • Dimensions (cm) to use for your packages (Please leave "Girth" at 1)

    Small item 30cm x 30cm x 3cm
    Medium item 32cm x 15cm x 6cm
    Large item Please measure the box you will be using to ship your item
Here is an example:
Click on the Save button and your product will be published. 



 Go to the Orders listing & get the option Order listing.


If your order is ''PAID'' - Click on the three small dots.

Click on the Accept and Fulfill order button

This pop-up will appear and it will be necessary to confirm the acceptance of the order.

After accepting the order, a new window appears and you will have to choose "Canada Post Shipping"

Always choose the expedited parcel and check "Agree to deduct from earning".

Click on "Agree and Fulfill" and the system will make you download the shipping label.